Leading Through Change


Strengths coaching builds better leaders

Leadership has changed.

The outdated idea that fixing your weaknesses and conforming to the conventional mould of a ‘perfect leader’ isn’t going to deliver success in today’s complex, uncertain and fast paced world.

Instead, true leadership comes from amplifying your strengths.

We believe everyone has their own innate power and potential based on their natural talents.

We believe embracing the diverse strengths of your executives will deliver the confidence, cohesion and commitment necessary to lead your organisation through change.

We’re here to help you and your executive team become the kind of leaders your organisation really needs.

Truly great leaders are more focused on amplifying their own strengths, and the strengths of those around them. They aren’t blind to their weaknesses, but they know that their competitive edge – as individuals, teams and organisations - lies in their strengths.

Are your leaders ready?

Are you considering…

  • acquiring another business, being acquired or divesting part of your business?
  • listing as a public company?
  • introducing new products or services or retiring old ones?
  • entering a new market or exiting a current one?
  • other major business change?


Then your business is going to go through a period of major disruption and transformation across customers, partners, systems and processes, structure, employees, contractors, suppliers and more.

Leading through these changes is very different to leading during your start-up phase or during status quo.

We’re here to help you build the leadership team you will need.

Strengths coaching clients

How we help elevate your impact

Our Strengths Injection will help your executives:

  • Understand their strengths and how they influence their leadership
  • Learn how to apply their strengths more intentionally to be better leaders
  • Stop trying to fix or hide their weaknesses
  • Know how to compensate for their lesser strengths
  • Show up more purposefully and authentically
  • Collaborate more effectively with each other
  • Manage conflict and tension as a productive energy, not toxic force
  • Move beyond demographics to truly ‘walk the talk’ of diversity
  • Feel valued for who they really are
  • Confidently celebrate their strengths and those of others
  • Be more resilient and less stressed in the face of challenge and change
  • Amplify the strengths of their employees

Meet your coach: Arlene Wherrett

Hi, I’m Arlene and I work with the CEOs and executive teams of businesses that are going through major change or know that a big transformation is on the horizon.
In my most recent past life I was a Managing Director in technology firms, working across the APAC region. I was responsible for delivering large scale transformation. I know the extreme pressure and risks that come with taking an organisation through transformational change and delivering the promised results. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
I also know that not all leadership teams are ready to handle these kinds of pressures. They are not ready to lead their people through the change and come out on the other side relatively unscathed. Through trial and error, being true to myself and applying my own Strengths, I learned how to build truly exceptional leadership teams. Teams that individually play to their strengths, and collectively pull together to achieve great outcomes.
My role is to help you and your executives get ready and step up. 
By redefining leadership through the lens of our innate strengths, we will power up your leadership team so they can be more invested, more intentional and more impactful.
Ready to chat?
Contact Arlene via email or give her a call on +61 404 800 912