Amplifying your team’s individual and collective superpowers

What is the Titaniam Strengths Injection

The Titaniam Strengths Injection is a structured coaching program that will enable your executive team to elevate their leadership impact by identifying and understanding their individual and collective strengths. 
Leaders and teams who leverage their strengths are more productive, higher performers and more motivated to excel.So how can you help your leaders develop their natural talents and leverage their strengths? The solution lies in undertaking a timely and timebound leadership intervention that compels leaders to understand and embrace their own unique strengths DNA, while also appreciating the diversity of strengths across the leadership team. Working together, your executive team can explore strategies and opportunities to apply their strengths more effectively and compensate for any lesser strengths.
The Titaniam Strengths Injection is founded on three core philosophies:


Transformational change creates pain points for leadership teams


There are critical junctures in a transformational change life cycle where it is imperative that the leadership team be aligned and performing at their peak


Understanding, developing and applying our strengths is the most important element of professional success

The Titaniam Strengths Injection will enable your leadership team to embrace and leverage their strengths so they successfully deliver the transformation your organisation needs to make.

Built on the Gallup CliftonStrengths model, the Strengths Injection program is delivered in three phases through a combination of individual strengths assessments, 1:1 coaching and group workshops.

Phase 1 –
Discovery and Alignment

Design program specific to organisational needs and ensure alignment with CEO throughout

Phase 2 –
Insight, Application and Meaningful Impact

Identify and understand individual and collective strengths and how they can be used to improve leadership performance and deliver transformational change 

Phase 3 –
Embed and Apply

Refine individual capability to intentionally apply strengths and improve leadership performance

How is the program delivered?

All program sessions can be delivered virtually or face to face. 
We recommend that the full day workshop with the leadership team be delivered face to face to maximise outcomes.
The Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessments can be accessed online at any time once each participant has been sent their unique link. Each participant will receive a Strengths report through the Gallup Access Platform, which will be explored in their 1:1 coaching session.
We understand that each organisation will be different based on their size and maturity, leadership team profile and the change they are undertaking. The elements of the Titaniam Strengths Injection can be customised to meet your specific requirements across delivery format, timeframes and number of participants.

What will the Titaniam Strengths Injection deliver?

Confidence. Alignment. Impact. Action.

At the completion of the Program, your will have LEADERS who are:
  • confident in their strengths and know how to apply them to maximum effect
  • connected to their individual and collective purpose
  • empowered to build authentic, genuine connection with their teams to inspire action and high levels of
  • performance
  • more motivated to delegate, outsource and collaborate to compensate for their weaknesses
  • more likely to succeed in driving transformational change

And you will have a LEADERSHIP TEAM who:
  • celebrate and respect each other’s superpowers
  • develop a shared language and culture around embracing Strengths and differences
  • manage conflict and differing opinions in a productive and constructive way
  • work cohesively and collaboratively
  • are aligned with the goals of the transformation and their role in delivering it
  • offer a competitive advantage in your market
  • retain and attract the right kind of talent to the executive team and broader organisation

How is it more powerful than other coaching programs?

Backed by Gallup

Our Strengths Injection will give your leaders the insights and actionable strategies they need to elevate their impact and amplify their influence.

And the program is delivered in a timely and timebound approach for a fixed fee with no scope creep.

Focused on Strengths

Unlock the opportunities offered by building on natural talents rather than trying to make people fit the conventional ‘mould’ of a leader.

Collective Impact

Targets individual AND collective strengths to maximise the impact of your leaders and the leadership team as a whole

Real Life Experience

Delivered by a Gallup Certified Strengths coach who also has 20+ years practical experience delivering large scale transformations across financial services, professional services and technology firms

Immersed Coach

This isn’t just a half day workshop with a facilitator. Our Strengths Injection gives you a dedicated advisor who is immersed in your organisation and available to your CEO whenever needed throughout the program. Arlene does her research to dig deep into your organisation, getting to know intimately what you are trying to achieve and helping you see beyond your own blind spots.

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