Arlene Wherrett is the Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant of Titaniam.
She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who works with the executive leadership teams of enterprises undergoing large scale transformations.

A former Tech MD with over twenty years experience leading diverse teams through major change projects, Arlene can help your leaders deliver better outcomes by amplifying their strengths and elevating their impact.

From weaknesses to strengths

Back in 2015, Arlene was the Managing Director of one of the leading system implementation partners within the Salesforce ecosystem. A team member gifted her a copy of StrengthsFinder 2.0. At the back of the book was a code that gave her access to an online strengths assessment. 

The results of that assessment were a revelation.

They were a delightfully accurate reflection of who she really was. And better yet, the focus was on all the things that she was naturally good at. All the areas where she was strong and had a competitive advantage. She wasn’t given a laundry list of all the things she needed to ‘fix’. It was a celebration of who she was without any demands to change the fundamental elements of her personality and leadership style.

Two years later Arlene took the opportunity to dive deeper into Gallup CliftonStrengths. Completing her qualification with Gallup as a Certified Strengths Coach, she started to see the potential in helping other executives tap into their strengths to realise their true potential as leaders.

“The traditional template of leadership tells us a good leader must be equally charismatic, commanding, decisive, and persuasive. But this model is outdated, in fact it may have never really been true. The Gallup CliftonStrengths model advocates that there is no one way to lead. Great leaders lead from their unique strengths, not from attempting to become someone they’re not. Most psychometric assessments send the message that it is crucial for us to focus on correcting our weaknesses rather than leaning into our strengths.
This is what makes Gallup CliftonStrengths so powerful. It encourages us to connect with our authentic selves and gives us the confidence to manage our weaknesses without needing to ‘fix’ them.”

Injecting strengths into transformational change

Arlene understands the demands a leadership team faces in trying to steer their organisations through complexity, challenges and change. She has been in their shoes and has the battle scars to prove it.

Beginning her career as a management consultant in the People and Culture space, Arlene developed foundational beliefs around the role of people in organisational performance and success. As she moved out of consulting and into executive roles within firms across professional services, financial services and the technology sector, she took the lead in delivering major transformational change.

Mergers and acquisitions, shifting operating models, entering and exiting markets, introducing new products and organisational redesign…Arlene has delivered them all, across national teams and Asia Pacific regional organisations.

She knows firsthand the pressures executives are under to deliver. She has made mistakes, gotten some things wrong, and learnt some hard lessons. She has experienced the crises of confidence, the doubts and the sleepless nights. Leaning into her strengths was a fundamental part of how she navigated the challenges. It helped her grow exponentially in how she used her strengths to lead teams in achieving great results.

Arlene has since delivered Strengths Coaching programs to high level executive teams in organisations such as Sage, McCrindle, the Australian Invictus Games Committee and the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO).

She tells it like it is, because she knows sugar coating the situation isn’t going to help. Her job is to spot the problems and identify the risks before they derail your progress.

So, what are Arlene’s strengths?

Activator | Communication | Achiever | Input | Positivity

Arlene uses her contagious energy, curiosity, insights and encouraging spirit to compel leaders to embrace their strengths and perform at their best.

Real World Experience

Arlene has been where you are. She has been on the ground, leading organisations and teams through transformational change.

Realistically Optimistic

No rose-coloured glasses and grand promises. Instead a firm belief in the power of investing in people and leadership.

Strengths Driven

Arlene is focused on helping people discover, celebrate and amplify their strengths. Weaknesses are acknowledged and managed.

Action Oriented

Being aware of your strengths in only the beginning. The real power lies in using that knowledge to intentionally apply your strengths to drive better results.

Titanium is a metal known for its incredible strength.

It is strong, but light. 

It resists corrosion. 

And it occurs naturally in almost all living matter. 

The metal takes its name from the Titans of Greek mythology. They were the children of the sky and earth – six male, six female. Immortal giants with immense strength.

You can see the theme emerging, right?

The play on spelling in Titaniam speaks to the strength and power of being confident in your own self. When a leader has the confidence to celebrate who they are, to say ‘I AM’, they can build a more authentic connection with their teams. And they can learn to use their strengths to help others maximise their potential.

Who we have worked with

Here are some of the CEOs and execs who have trusted me to take their leadership to the next level.

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